Pair win at Bendigo Show

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Graeme and Lyn with their winning pair of Rams under 1 1/2 years March shorn

Welcome to Braeside SAMM

In 1998 we purchased our first SAMM ram to improve our commercial flock. We were so impressed with the increase in growth rate, lambing percentage and mothering ability that we decided to use only SAMM rams to breed self replacing ewes to avoid health issues with purchased ewes.

At Braeside we are aware of demands of consumers and although SAMMs have always had a bare breech, with our latest Stud Sire purchases and selection, we are improving that aspect of the breed further. Our flock lambs are sold over the hooks and Castricums provide full Viascan report.

The highlight for our year was the Award of Runner Up in the RASV Prime Lamb Carcass Competition, sponsored by Castricum Bros and The Weekly Times. Braesides 224 flock lambs were the top placed NSW consignment. This result supports the winning performances of SAMM cross lambs in Carcass Competitions across Australia.

We breed 'em We own 'em We sell 'em

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